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4 Car Lift Buying Tips You Need to Know

Car on an elevator or hoist in a garageCar lifts are highly useful for car shops, car cleaning shops, and other types of car-related businesses. Being a huge investment, however, here are some things to keep in mind when buying one:

Choose a Brand in Mind

Choose car lift brand names that have a good standing in the industry, like a Bendpak car lift. Look at what people have to say about the brand in general before going into the specifics of the model. You’ll find that brands with a good standing in the industry often churn out reliable products with even the slightest variations in the features of their models.

Consider the Weight

Figure out what kind of cars the lift will be used on. For businesses, it makes sense to purchase the highest weight capacity you can afford to expand the scope of people you can serve. If you’re buying for personal reasons, however, you can purchase only the weight capacity for your car. For “just in case” purposes, however, it helps to add around 1,000 pounds of capacity to the light on top of your car’s weight.

Check with Warranty

Make sure that your car lift is covered by warranty for new purchases. If you’re buying a second-hand model, however, you’ll have to be more careful with its choice and use. For second-hand models, make a point of thoroughly checking the unit to make sure it doesn’t give up on you at a later date.

Measure and Re-Measure

There’s nothing more disappointing than the realization that your new car lift doesn’t fit in the garage. Be precise with the measurements and allow for some leeway in the fittings.

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Of course, those aren’t the only factors to consider when buying car lifts. To fully enjoy the quality of your purchase, you’ll have to learn the proper way of using it.

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