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3 Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid When Upgrading Your Car

Divorce AttorneyFor many car enthusiasts, vehicle modification is nothing new. From enhancing the interiors to empowering the engine, they always find better ways to improve car performance and safety. While you can always consult a mechanic, it is always better to broaden your knowledge about these car upgrades. Learn some of the costly mistakes you need to avoid when modifying your vehicle.

1. Switching tires without further inspection.

Upgrading your tires and rims is probably the most basic upgrades among car owners. This doesn’t only make your car looks good, but also improves stability and road control if done correctly. The first thing you need to learn is compatibility. Keep in mind that the rims and tires vary on sizes. The general rule here is the bigger and wider the rims the thinner thread you should use. Wheel manufacturers have made vast improvements to develop the entire process. You can now set the thread levels depending on your preference. Fuchsfelgeusa.com and other car part providers recommend checking out Fuchs wheels to see some quality samples. You just need to get the exact measurements to make sure they fit perfectly.

2. Getting a ready-made exhaust. 

The problem with a bolt-on jig made exhaust is that most of the time they are not compatible with your current system. Don’t be deceived with the low prices you see online or at the thrift store. In terms of quality, you should at least take some time to check the brand and reviews about the product.

Your safest best for improving the exhaust system is to buy from reliable sources or go for customize services. Inspect the exhaust manifold or header. Many experts suggest increasing the exhaust piping diameter to realign the exhaust pulses. You can also add catalytic converter for better air circulation.

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3. Converting to roll-cage roof.

Unless you’re a track rat or a professional racer, converting to roll cage roof is a big waste of money. In fact, many professional car drivers do not support this idea. There are other ways to reduce car weight and improve speed. For example, you can ditch the passenger seat entirely, and switch the driver’s seat for something more innovative that scales at around 12kg. By doing so, you can reduce up to 60 kg.

These are just some of the most common mistakes when upgrading your cars. Again, always consult an experience auto mechanic for your own safety.

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