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Does Listening to Music Increase Your Chances of Getting Into an Accident?


There is a growing body of evidence that listening to music while driving could actually increase your chances of getting into an accident. Though many people in Auckland and across New Zealand listen to music to keep themselves entertained during long drives, it can serve as a major distraction. It...

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These are Your Options if You need Car Replacement Parts


You’d want your car to run forever if you had your way. However, although there are vehicle brands known for lasting longer than others, you still need to maintain them. At some point, some parts will break and you’ll have to replace them. Auckland Motors says the good news is, you have different...

Industry Trends

4 Widely Used Equipment in Land Mining & Drilling


Being in the mining industry can be dangerous especially when you’re totally new in the business. Things might get a little confusing and complex from the start when you don’t know what you’re doing. To make things more manageable, you should undergo regular training to learn and understand...

Motoring Express

Car Repairs: What to Look for in a Mechanic


A car mechanic can be a blessing or a curse to you. This is because you can end up having your car in a good or bad state depending on whom you hire to work on the car. The following qualities are essential for a good car mechanic: 1. Good Customer Service A good mechanic should have good customer service...

Under The Lights

The Perfect Match: Men’s Guide to Buying a Car

Man's Car

The best thing about buying something is that you have many options. Unfortunately, choosing among those ‘great’ options is not an easy task. Sometimes, the saying “the more, the better” doesn’t apply to a given situation. This is particularly true when you’re buying a car. The trick, however,...

Industry Trends

Making a Case for Used Cars for Financially Safe Middle Agers


Middle age is when people often become financially comfortable. No need to buy needlessly anymore, so they can save a lot. They also need to save for their twilight years, so that’s more motivation to spend less. But, there will come a time when they feel that they deserve a little bit of luxury....

Motoring Express

Sun Damage: Not Only is it Bad for Your Skin, But Your Car, Too


Your car’s paint job mainly serves aesthetics. It gives it an attitude – it can also be a representation of yourself. When you do not want to stay under the sun for too long, you usually use your car to go around because you know what kind of damage it does to the skin, especially if you live in...

Hyped Up

How Innovative Technology Designs Comfort Indoors


What would it take to get comfortable inside buildings? It is a question not taken lightly when you have deadlines to meet. When temperatures outside soar or when a coworker wants the office to feel like the North Pole — and you are in resort wear — you will feel uncomfortable, and become...

Motoring Express

Smart Choices: Buying the Best Pre-Owned Vehicle


You may be a person who sees value in pre-owned vehicles. You may think you can save more in buying a used car. Maybe you believe it is more sustainable to buy used. Some used vehicles have reliability issues, however. It’s important to shop for one which is truly in good working condition. Before...

Under The Lights

Does Water “Expire?”


If you bought fruit juice from the market, you have to consume it before it expires. The same thing goes with almost any food or beverage on the market today. In that case, you could just buy water, store it for as long as you like, and it’ll never go bad. After all, it’s just water. Now think of...