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Under The Lights

5 Ways Car Accessories Can Help You

Car Accessories

There are many ways accessories can help your vehicle. Whether you own a truck or a van, your day would be easier if you have a mat to keep your car interiors clean or a step to help you alight from your vehicle. Here are some features that you and your vehicle can get once you invest in car accessories: Easy...


Tips for Renting a Car

There are many reasons for renting a car. Some use it for road trips. Others use it for business meetings or for fetching their families at the airport. Many people think that renting a car is a simple process. However, you need to remember that just because it is easy does not mean that you can overlook...

Hyped Up

Don’t Make 2 Money Mistakes When Buying A Car

Buying a Car

There’s a certain appeal to buying a luxurious car. The plush leather trims, roomy interiors, and the big powerful engine that will get heads turning. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with such a move, it comes at a hefty price, says a car dealer in Auckland. Excited by such cars, some buyers...

Latest News

Training Projects to Solve the Brexit Skills Shortage

Brexit negotiations seem to be heading nowhere, with many fearing that the UK will leave the EU without any agreement on trading between borders. This will significantly affect the logistics industry. According to the Freight Transportation Association (FTA), this might cause problems for companies that...


How to Tune-Up Your Motorcycle

photo of a man and a mechanic tuning up a motorbike

If your bike has been winterized or unused for a significant amount of time, you might have to perform a thorough inspection and tune-up before riding off into the sunset. Even so, your motorcycle would need routine tune-ups to ensure that it’s always roaring and ready to go. That said, here are some...


Why a New Car Purchase is Elusive for Many Americans

Over the years, the status of cars in the United States is a combination of bragging rights and function. This explains why the demand for them remains high despite the presence of other modes of transportation. The problem is many Americans these days may not be able to afford them. The Challenge of...

Hyped Up

New Technologies To Boost Your Rental Car Experience

She's Looking for Car Rental

Rental cars are one of the top choices for people in need of transport. Just rent a vehicle and you are good to go. There are, however, some articles online demerit this convenient service.These should not discourage you from renting one, especially when you need it. In recent years, car hire operators...

On the Radar

Four Services that Stay Open Day or Night

Police car patrolling at night

Professionals with around-the-clock services are whom people can rely on to get their cars moved, their inquiries resolved, or their food delivered. These round-the-clock services are necessary because emergencies or accidents can happen whether it’s day or night. Here’s a closer look at...

Motoring Express

Why Should You Change Your Timing Belt?

Changing your timing belt is crucial for the well-being of your car’s engine. Since the timing belt is enclosed, making it hard for you to view it, its physical condition usually goes unnoticed. However, many manufacturers recommend changing the timing belt if the mileage is 70,000-100,000 km. For...

On the Radar

3 Tools Found Auto Repair Shops Should Have

Every mechanic training center or auto repair shop would have an assortment of equipment that does a specific purpose, such as shaping a metal, painting a surface, and such. If you run a repair shop or a training center, having tools help customers and mechanics in fixing cars. Here’s an in-depth...