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Water Contamination and Its Effects on Health


Water is one of man’s basic needs. Without access to clean drinking water, people will get sick and die. Despite the government’s efforts to provide access to safe drinking water in all areas of the country, the risk of contamination is always there. In fact, water contamination could also...

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Safety in the Workplace: Training, Testing, and Maintaining


Construction, telecommunications, shipping and transport, retail, automotive, aerospace, and many other industries require the use of bulky and heavy equipment, materials, and tools. These, together with heights and various other aspects of the job, make the industry prone to dangers. This is why governments...

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Need to Save On Taxes? Consider Donating Your Car


If you have a car that you no longer use, you might want to donate it to those who need it most. This will prove beneficial as you can receive tax holiday and other benefits. Moreover, giving cars to charity can also help improve your credit score. You will receive benefits proportional to the resale...

Industry Trends

4 Preparation Checks Before a Road Trip


There is only one way to make road trips fun and safe. That is by preparing for it ahead of time. However, the preparation is not as simple as planning what to wear or bring. Preparation for long distance drives should be broad, and that should begin as early as several days before the trip. 1....

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Not Just a Need for Speed: The Most Commonly Repaired and Replaced Vehicle Parts


Yes, every auto repair shop is different. Some specialize in overhaul repairs, while there are also specialists in individual parts. But, according to JMC Equipment, a provider of challenger auto lifts, a good repair shop always has the right kind of quirks. It doesn’t matter if your shop prioritizes...

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4 Common Spring Pests and How To Keep Them Out


While spring is supposed to be a time when you get to enjoy the beautiful weather, it’s also when you hang out in the backyard can be annoying and dangerous due to the pests. Pests take the time to come out of their cocoons looking for food and new shelter. Here are some common pests you’re...

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4 Reasons Why You Can’t Wait To Get Rid of Bed Bugs


Until a few years back, bed bugs were not considered to pose any problem in the United States. The phrase “don’t let the bed bugs bite” was just an old-fashioned saying that was considered outdated up until bed bugs made a comeback. Although bed bugs are not capable of transmitting...

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What Is Really in those Fumes that can Make People Sick?


Automobile exhaust fume emissions believed to put workers exposed to it contain many different pollutants and contaminants, with some including ozone, benzene, particulate matter, and acetaldehyde. All these, combined with the other contents of fumes, can threaten the safety and well-being of people,...

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Add the Special Touch: Designing Gobos for Your Corporate Event

Gobos or ‘Go Between Optics’, those small, stencilled circular discs used to create a silhouette of an image or pattern, add a special touch to corporate events. It also maximises consumer engagement in trade shows and elevates the experience in product launches. But while using these show-stopping...

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3 Car Upgrades to Maintain Its Look and Efficiency


Just like anything in this world, your car is bound to lose its efficient performance and sleek look if you don’t clean and maintain it regularly. Good thing there are a lot of car maintenance works and upgrades you can get to keep your car looking and functioning just like new. You also have to know...