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Why You Need to Change Your Oil Regularly

Hand Pouring Oil on Engine

Whether you’re driving a new or second-hand car, routine vehicle maintenance is necessary to ensure it runs optimally. Performing an oil change is one of the regular practices that you should embrace, stress car specialists from Pinecrest Shell in Alexandria, VA. Protect Engine Parts An engine...

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A Charitable Drive: How Donating Your Car Can Help Multiple Charities

Did you know that you can donate a car to help a charity? For this to work, cars are donated to organizations, who will then separate those in good condition from those that need repairs. Functional cars will then get sold at events or auctions, while those in bad condition will likely be refurbished....

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Mechanics Check These 6 Essential Parts of Your Car

Congratulations, you just bought a new car! Before you can fully enjoy driving it though, have you brushed up on the essential parts of your vehicle? Knowing how your car works will allow you to keep up with the auto mechanic instead of just being clueless. Here are the six essential parts of your ride...

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Franchise or Independent: Which Is Better for an Auto Shop Business?

An automotive business serves as a good way for those who want to make money out of their love for cars, but planning to set up a shop requires more than just enthusiasm. Choosing between a franchised business and sole proprietorship is one of the several things to consider for aspiring auto shop owners....

Industry Trends

More Americans are Driving Motorcycles: Here’s How to Make Your Shop Ready

Mechanic working on a motorbike

While Americans still love their cars, there are also a growing number of motorcycle riders. According to the Bureau of Transport Statistics, the registrations grew 75% from 1997 to 2006. It went up from no more than four million to over six million in about a decade. For an auto body shop, it offers...

Hyped Up

3 Questions about Car Maintenance That Automotive Experts Can Answer

Oftentimes, people get intimidated by the idea of fixing their own cars. That’s why automotive experts are available to educate them on the basics of car maintenance. Fixing your car is easy if you have sufficient knowledge on how to use the right tools, like a Baileigh hydraulic sheet metal...

Under The Lights

Two Ways You Can Push Your Car Past the 100k-Mile Mark

Cars are getting better with each passing year, and along with these improvements comes a hefty price tag. The asking prices on new cars are quite out of the capabilities of many buyers unless one takes on a huge car loan, notes a reputable dealer of Maxima spare parts. However, modern car building...

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Auckland Car Owners Among Highest Spenders on Insurance Premiums

Key and insurance policy

New research showed that car insurance premiums in New Zealand generally cost more in cities than in rural areas, although non-urban dwellers could sometimes pay more based on certain circumstances. Moneyhub based its research on a comprehensive package for 35-year-old male drivers of a 2011 Toyota Corolla...

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What is My Noisy Brakes Trying to Tell Me?

You can’t risk messing around with safety when it comes to your vehicle, and one of the most crucial things you must not ever neglect is your vehicle’s brake system. Put simply, if your brakes fail on you while you’re driving—you’re in a whole lot of trouble. Fortunately for you, your vehicle...

On the Radar

4 Excellent Tips to Save on Car Rentals

Many travelers dedicate a lot of attention to finding the best airfares and room rates. They, however, do not give the same investigation when looking for vehicles for hire. They make the mistake of assuming that all sedan rentals in Manila are the same, so they need not spend time shopping around....